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گزارش وضعیت دانشکدهIntroduction to the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

Before the establishment of the bachelor degree in mathematics, this faculty was responsible for teaching math courses for different Engineering disciplines. After the establishment of mathematics as a major subject, this department began its activities in 1987 by establishing an undergraduate program in Applied Mathematics and now accepts students in Pure and Applied Mathematics and Computer Science.

In 1992, the graduate program began its activities by presenting a graduate program in Pure Mathematics. In 1995, the program of Applied Mathematics was started, in 1997 Statistics followed, and in 2002 Computer Science. Now the program of Pure Mathematics covers analysis, geometry, algebra, and logic. Applied Mathematics is dealing with numerical analysis and operation research, Statistics has statistical inference, probability theory, and random processes. Computer Science is doing research on graph, networks, and algorithms. Since 1995, a PhD program has been established in Applied and Pure Mathematics, in 1997 the PhD program in Statistics has followed



Department History

Educational and Research Facilities:

After the establishment of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, this faculty had developed and increased its facilities rapidly. At the time of the establishment, there had been 12 faculty members, and now the number has been increased to 33. Currently, the department has 16 staff members. The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science accepts every year about 80 students for the undergraduate program in Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science and about 80 for the graduate programs in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics. It also accepts 15 students for the PhD program in Applied and Pure Mathematics and Statistics. This department was able to gain a remarkable position among the faculties of Mathematics of the country.

Since 2000, this department has had 400 undergraduate students, 150 graduate students, 56 PhD and 16 joined PhD students.

Research Groups:

Research Center of Network Optimization

Intelligent Systems and Agents


Algorithms and Computational Geometry Research Group



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