Statistics Faculty Members

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Statistics Faculty Members


Professor Esmaile Khorram

Group Head, Professor

Research Interests: Queuing Theory Reliability Theory Nonlinear Multi-objective Optimization

Email: eskhor[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545877


Dr. Mina Aminghafari

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Data Science Statistical Learning Time Series Forecasting
Non Parametric and Robust Methods Wavelets

Email: aminghafari[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545660


Dr. Adel Mohammadpour

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Statistical Learning Statistical Inference Statistical Methods for Heavy-Tailed Data

Laboratory: Statistics & Data Mining Laboratory
Personal Webpage:

Email: adel[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542533


Dr. Saeid Rezakhah Varnousafaderani

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Self-similar and Scale invariance processes, Scale invariant Random fields, Scale invariant Markov Processes Families of Conditional Heteroscedastic GARCH process and  Markov Switch Processes Data Mining, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics 
Continuous tile CARMA and Co-GARCH processes
Information theory and Distribution Fitting 
Real Zeros of Random Algebraic Polynomials

Email: rezakhah[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542504


Dr. Omid Naghshine Arjmand

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Statistics Stochastic process Stochastic differential equations Game theory Mechanism design 

Email: naghshineh[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545673

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