Applied Mathematics Group

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Applied Mathematics Faculty Members


Dr. Fatemeh Shakeri

Head of Applied Mathematics Specialty, Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Data Mining Numerical Linear Algebra Matrix Analysis Numerical Solution of PDEs 

Email: f.shakeri[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542539


Prof. Mehdi Dehghan


Research Interests: Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations Numerical Linear Algebra and Matrix Computations Numerical Solution of Integral Equations 

Personal Page:

Email: mdehghan[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542503


Prof. Seyyed Ali Mirhassani


Research Interests: Mathematical Modeling Stochastic programming Optimization 

Email: a_mirhassani[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542541


Dr. Mohammad Reza Rafsanjani Sadeghi

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Modern coding theory and Lattice codes Applied cryptography Post quantum cryptography Machine learning in coding theory 

Email: msadeghi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545870


Dr. Mostafa Abbaszadeh

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Numerical Solution of PDEs Fractional PDEs Meshless Method Finite Element Methods Machine Learning for solving Differential Equations Computational Mechanics

Email: m.abbaszadeh[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545878

Dr. Mohammad Ali

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Cryptography Cloud Security Provable Security Applied Cryptography Post Quantum Cryptography Information Security

Email: mali71[at]



Dr. Farhad Fakhar Izadi

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Numerical Analysis Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Spectral and Spectral Element Methods Fractional Differential and Integral Equations Machine Learning for Scientific Computing 

Email: f.fakhar[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542510


Dr. Ali Hatam

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Numerical Analysis Fluid Mechanics 

Email: alihatam[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542546


Dr. Farnaz Hooshmand Khaligh

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Integer Programming and Combinatorial Optimization Stochastic Programming Decomposition-based Algorithms Robust Optimization Artificial Intelligence Portfolio Optimization

Email: f.hooshmand.khaligh[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545659


Dr. Erfan Salavati

Assistant Professor

Research Interests: Mathematical Finance Stochastic Differential Equations Stochastic Processes

Email: erfan.salavati[at]

Phone: +98 21 64545661


Dr. Mostafa Shamsi

Associate Professor

Research Interests: Nonlinear optimization Optimal control Scientific computation Optimization for machine learning 

Email: m_shamsi[at]

Phone: +98 21 64542538

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