Syllabi of Courses of Computer Sciences Undergraduate Program

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Advanced Programming
Application of Computer in Commercial Systems
Artificial Intelligence
Basics of Economics
Calculus 1
Calculus 2
Cellular and Molecular Biology
Coding Theory
Combinatorial Optimization and Network Analysis
Computability Theory
Computer Geometrical Design
Computer Graphics
Computer Networks
Computer Programming
Computer Workshop
Computerized Simulation
Data Mining
Data Structures and Algorithms
Design and Analysis of Algorithms
Differential Equations
Engineering Mathematics
Engineering Statistics
Foundation of Algebra
Foundation of Combinatorics
Foundation of Computability Theory
Foundation of Entrepreneurship
Foundation of Mathematical Analysis
Foundation of Mathematics
Foundation of Matrix and Linear Algebra
Foundation of Numerical Analysis
Graph Theory and its Applications
Information Management Systems
Internship 1
Internship 2
Introduction to Bioinformatics
Introduction to Computer and Programming
Introduction to Data Mining
Introduction to Logic and Set Theory
Introduction to Probability
Introduction to the Theory of Computation
Legal and Ethical Issues in Information Technology
Linear Optimization
None Linear Optimization
Numerical Analysis
Numerical Computations
Numerical Linear Algebra
Principles of Accounting and Costing
Principles of Computer Systems
Principles of Management
Principles of Operating systems
Principles of Software Design
Probability 1
Programming Languages
Research Method and Report Writings
Special Language
Topics in Algorithms
Topics in Computer Sciences


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