Distributed Systems and Computing Laboratory (DSTECH)

 | Post date: 2021/07/18 | 
The Distributed Systems and Computing Laboratory (DSTECH) started its activity on the third floor of the faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science in 2018.
The lab first started with the Blockchain research field. The laboratory continued its work by conducting extensive research in this field, defining research projects at the level of MSc & PhD students, holding two Blockchain courses at the undergraduate level, holding more than 30 specialized seminars in the field of Blockchain and DLT (distributed ledger technology).
After a while and training people to reach specialization, the field of laboratory activities was expanded to distributed systems and computing.
Also, due to the existing capacity in the laboratory and the importance of security in distributed systems, working on the field of Homomorphic encryption was added to the laboratory’s activities. The result of all these efforts has been several projects, among which the following can be mentioned:

• Coin distribution on the Stellar Blockchain network for Sadad company.
• Research project of Bank of Industry and Mines that is underway.
• Customer Club research project on the Blockchain network.


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