3rd Iranian Conference on Computational Geometry
The 3rd Iranian Conference on Computational Geometry (ICCG) will be held on February 16, 2020 at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Amirkabir University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. ICCG is an annual, international conference whose goal is to bring together students and researchers from academia and industry, in order to promote research in the fields of combinatorial and computational geometry.
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The First Amirkabir AI Challenge
Nowadays, artificial intelligence is one of the most applied fields in science and engineering to solve complex problems. The tremendous ability of artificial intelligence to process large datasets and use them for different purposes has helped businesses to significantly improve their performance and provide users with a whole new set of services. Although artificial intelligence has been introduced in many common everyday applications, such as virtual assistants, automobiles and smart homes, personalized software, and smart gadgets, the use of artificial intelligence in specific applications and industrial issues is still limited. One of the most important challenges in this field is finding the best algorithm and the best way to solve the problem.
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12th Winter School on Computational Geometry


WSCG began in 2009 and has been holding at Amirkabir University of Technology every winter since then. The first winter school on computational geometry was held on February 18-22,2009, at Amirkabir University of Technology and it was established at the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. The school is organized by the memebers of Algorithm and Computational Geometry laboratory and all the researchers aiming to learn more about computational geometry are invited to participate.

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